Your 1st Visit…

Just a few things to help you navigate through your first visit to FBC.

  • ONE – We are truly glad you are here
  • TWO – There is accessible parking for guests who need a closer spot
  • THREE – Most people enter through the front doors, where you’ll be welcomed by one of our GREETERS
  • FOUR – A caring nursery staff is available during each service (located in the back hallway)
  • FIVE – You’ll be given a “Welcome” packet with some useful information and a contact card that you should fill out and place in the offering plate…(this is so that we may conveniently have your contact information and any prayer requests you may want us to pray about)
  • SIX – Sunday AM Bible Classes all meet for prayer and fellowship in the Main Auditorium before heading to designated classes
  • SEVEN – After Bible Class, everyone returns to the Main Auditorium for the Worship service (which lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes)
  • EIGHT– We have audio and video recordings available for request after the service
  • NINE – Be sure to meet our Pastor and his wife.  They look forward to talking to you personally.
  • TEN – Don’t forget your gift…we have something for you…just our way of saying “Thank-You” for visiting with us today!