Instructions for LIFE

God’s Word has MUCH to say concerning our “everyday living” and the choices we make.

God is interested in “heading off” our troubles before we ever get them established.

A choice to allow the WISDOM of God to permeate your life and saturate your soul would give you the LIFE, HELP, and spiritual health you’ve longed searched in vain to find elsewhere…

The WISEST man in the Scripture tells the “secret” to living life…

“Instructions for LIFE”

Proverbs 4

        The WORDS of WISDOM – 4

  • Retain the WORDS
    • God HAS something to say about “it”…your situation
    • Determine to live an OBEDIENT Christian life

It’s NOT always EASY…but it IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

        The WAY of WISDOM – 11

  • THE WAY of WISDOM (there is another way)
  • RIGHT paths

You do NOT have to be ignorant…He has TAUGHT us

        The WARNING of WISDOM – 14-19

ANYTHING otherwise is detrimental…the path of the WICKED

  • ENTER NOT… (if you NEVER START, then you’ll NEVER have to STOP)
  • GO NOT… (in their “EVIL” direction)
  • AVOID it… (Do whatever it takes to AVOID ending up on the wrong path, keep ALL the fences between you and the world, so you will find it harder to GO there)
  • PASS NOT BY it…continually DISTANCE yourself from the OLD LIFE
  • TURN FROM it… put it BEHIND you…don’t be looking at it every day
  • PASS AWAY… LET it DIE…Go on with your life…Your REAL LIFE!!!


The PATHS are easily distinguished…

            The WAY of the WICKED is DARKNESS

The Path of the JUST is as a shining light…it gets BIGGER and BRIGHTER the closer you get to the house


Solomon now extends this WISDOM to the next generation… (vs. 20) “My son”

The WALK of WISDOM – 20-27

He summarizes the SAME lessons given to him by his father

Do you WANT a spiritually driven and healthy Christian life?

  • KEEP your HEART…
    • DILIGENTLY… it’s going to be HARD WORK
    • this is YOUR responsibility
    • YOUR life DEPENDS upon this choice
    • PUT AWAY a Froward mouth – intentional, out of the way, sinful
    • PUT AWAY Perverse lips – different than what you should be talking about
  • CONTROL your EYES…
    • If you allow yourself to be distracted by sin…
    • You’ll too soon become attracted to sin…
  • DISCIPLINE your LIFE… let ALL thy ways be established
    • Do NOT turn off of the path of WISDOM …
    • There is a ditch on BOTH sides of the street


The MESSAGE within the MESSAGE…

…but if you will get THIS…you WILL choose to obey THAT!!!

LISTEN – vs. 1

LEARN –  vs. 13

LOOK  (see it for yourself)– vs. 20

LEAN – vs. 20

LOVE – vs. 20

LIVE – vs. 21